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February will be an important month for the planet Mars

On February 9, the UAE spacecraft Hope is expected to orbit the planet Mars after a six-month voyage, 300 million miles from Earth. It will mark the start of a historic month for the Red Planet, which will see three separate national missions orbit or touch its surface. Both missions come from the UAE and China - countries visiting Mars for the first time. will become the fifth and sixth countries to achieve this achievement, respectively. The third mission, launched by NASA, is expected to be the 15th mission of the United States to Mars.

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The UAE mission will not land on Mars. Instead, Hope's orbit will study atmosphere from more than 12.000 miles above the surface. Planetary scientists hope the UAE robotorologist will fill the gaps in understanding us for the climate of Mars.

The Hope spacecraft will be the first to orbit Mars since the European Space Agency's ExoMars spacecraft arrived in 2016. China's Tianwen-1 mission is expected to arrive a day later. China's space bureau has been silent on plans to visit Red Planet, but the spacecraft is expected to try a landing on the planet.

NASA's Perseverance rover is expected to land on Mars on February 18, which is expected to descend - this means a hard descent to the surface. The Perseverance rover is essentially a self-propelled spacecraft and its main mission is to collect samples that will be picked up by another spacecraft later in the decade and will are returned at Earth.

The arrival of three national missions to Mars in two weeks is a historic moment in story of exploration of space. Emphasizes the rapid development of space capabilities throughout people and the real internationalization of planetary exploration.

Source of information: wired.com


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