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Musk says he is a "supporter" of Bitcoin - its price is affected

Elon Musk once again influenced the price of Bitcoin after declaring that he is a supporter of the largest cryptocurrency.

Speaking to the Clubhouse app, the billionaire said at this point that he believes "Bitcoin is great", adding that he entered the party "late" and should have bought the cryptocurrency eight years ago.

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The digital currency hit $ 34.500 on Monday and then fell again. It rose up 16% on January 29 to $ 38.000 after Musk updated his profile information on Twitter adding "#bitcoin".

Cryptocurrencies have recently been hit by the volatile retail-investor demand that is formed on the internet from Twitter feeds andReddit forums“. The Dogecoin - a digital currency with the theme of the dog Shiba Inu that started as a joke - reached the top ten cryptocurrencies last week ago sink its price the weekend.

At the Clubhouse, Musk said he did not have a good opinion of other cryptocurrencies and that his comments about Dogecoin were funny. adding that “the most ironic result would be Dogecoin becoming world currency in the future".

Bitcoin has fallen about $ 8.000 from that price arrived in early January - $ 42.000, but remains at over 260% last year.

"Bitcoin is really on the verge of widespread acceptance," Musk said in a statement Clubhouse.

Others see some more direct risks for Bitcoin, whose latest price explosion is reminiscent of the bubble that occurred in 2017.

Source of information: bloomberg.com


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