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Chrome extension automatically creates notes from your meetings

After spending almost a whole year working from home, we are really exhausted. Many features and applications have been released to help us do our job better and the chrome extension CaptionSaver Pro is a great choice.


CaptionSaver generates live caption transcripts (notes) from Google Meet video calls and presentations and stores automatically in Drive your. So not only can you watch your live meetings more easily, but you will also be able to return and yes read again the transcripts later to do a repeat.

Once you download the extension, you will take part in any meeting as you did before. CaptionSaver will activate subtitles once you sign up, so you do not need to click to nothing. As your meeting progresses, the application will stores automatically caption transcript. So when you are done, you will have a complete one copy of all happened in Google Drive. You can also download your transcript to a text file if you wish. The Pro version has features like highlighting and timestamps, so you can improve your note-taking capabilities and give all your attention to your meetings.

The basic Chrome extension is free, but if you want the extra features, you'll need to purchase the Pro version. For a limited time the Pro version of the extension will only cost $ 24,99.

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Teo Ehc
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