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A man used 3D printing to help his blind dog

In recent years 3D printing has proved useful in several areas, from its use in spaceships until the construction of houses and personal equipment. And now a man has used this technology to make life easier for his pet.

3D printing

The amateur designer Chad Lalande, created one device, using a printer Creality Ender 5 3D + to help his 18-year-old blind dog, Sienna, not to stumble on furniture and walls.

The device is designed around a collar worn on the pet's neck, which is surrounded by a larger hoop that is attached to an arm that attaches to the back of the collar. It also has slots for you to wear the leash on your pet and take it for a walk safety.

Lalande has created others Appliances for quadrupeds that have problems, such as difficulty walking or paralysis of the hind limbs, using 3D printing.

Of course there are already special wreaths on the market for blind dogs, but they are often expensive and do not give many options for a dog with the tiny size of Sienna.

However, Lalande admitted that he had difficulty finding the right protector for his dog. He created six versions of the Sienna safety hoop, trying to find the right design, which he created using LightWave 3D and Healing. The first designs were very narrow and did not prevent her from hitting surfaces. So she widened and extended the hoop so that her head could move freely, while remaining protected on all sides. Lalande also consulted members of a team at Facebook and there he was suggested to place the arm holding the hoop on the collar.


The final product successfully protects her from hitting things, while still allowing her to go where she wants. The only disadvantage is that it can not reach the bowl with food or water with the safety hoop, so it must be removed periodically throughout the day, Lalande said.

You can find the final design at Thingiverse if you are interested in printing a wreath for your own pet. If you do, however, you are legally obliged to share the photos in the comments.


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