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The Tesla Roadster will not go into production until 2022

Since Tesla launched the sleek and extremely fast next generation supercar EV in 2017, we have not heard anything about it. In a recent tweet, however, Elon Musk stated that production of the Roadster would not begin until next year (2022), confirming that it would be two years behind schedule.

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As Musk wrote, the engineering ended this year, as "the three-engine drive system and its advanced operation battery was very important "for the young man design. These will be crucial for the predicted acceleration of the Roadster 0-60 MPH in 1,9 seconds, 250 MPH top speed and 600 mph.

The Roadster was priced at $ 200.000 when it was released people who wanted to buy one of the first the car were called to give $ 50.000 to make a reservation or $ 250.000 for the model “Founder's Edition“. Musk said Tesla aims to have a candidate model traffic this year, so we hope to take a look at the final model, the performance and the price somewhere in 2021.

However, you will not have to wait that long (or pay so much) to get a similar performance, as Tesla's 1.100 hp Model S Plaid + upgrade will release at the end of 2021 and will cost $ 132,990.

Source of information: engadget.com

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