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Motorola: Introduces Motorola One Hyper wireless charging technology

The future of wireless charging will not include charging pads and there is a race between hardware vendors over who will be the first to do so. Various companies have promised for years that they will offer wireless contactless charging, with some even showing prototypes at technology shows such as CES. Today, Xiaomi made a technological demonstration of the wireless charging technology "Mi Air Charge", but also Motorola today presented its technology for contactless charging.


A Motorola executive today shared a video with Weibo shows a remote charging station called "Motorola One Hyper", so as not to confuse the smartphone with the same name. The video shows two smartphone charging at distances of 80 cm and one meter. These smartphones look like the Motorola Edge, but it is not clear what amendments have been made on Appliances.

The video continues with a demonstration of how to stop charging when a person's hand is placed in front of the charging station. This shows that Motorola designed the system to stop charging when detects a person moving in front of the station, probably for health reasons.

Unlike Xiaomi, Motorola does not seem to disclose further details on how wireless contactless charging technology works. While the company "annoys" users on Weibo asking if they would like to δουν technology in a future Edge series device, has not confirmed whether it is ready to bring it to a commercial product. We look forward to seeing if Motorola really will release the system on its devices.

Source of information: xda-developers.com

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