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WhatsApp adds another level of security to the web app

WhatsApp today adds another level of security to its web app, helping to prevent others from accessing your account when you are not browsing. In an update that will be released soon, WhatsApp will start requiring biometric authentication - such as fingerprint or face ID - before you can use the service on your computer.


Unlike Facebook Messenger and other services that work with a simple username and password, WhatsApp accounts are Connected with a phone number, so using the desktop application requires a connection to your mobile device.

This is done by scanning a QR code in the desktop app using your phone. But this will not stop someone who has physical access to your phone than being able to connect your phone to the desktop and have access in all your messages without knowing it.

The update prevents this scenario from happening, just as app stores and banking applications require biometric authentication before performing a market. WhatsApp uses your device's system authentication for this - you do not need to enter a new one fingerprint - but it is not clear what will happen if you do not use biometric authentication. Logically, you will be prompted to enter another security code.


For now, you can control which desktop devices are connected to your phone by going to the mobile app by pressing button of menu and selecting “WhatsAppWeb”.

The update will be released on Android devices and iOS "In the coming weeks". It's a small but welcome update. Of course, the application continues have some other security issues that need to face up.

Source of information: thenextweb.com

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