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See the first images of Tesla's new updated Model X.

Tesla has unveiled the new updated electric SUV Model X, along with the new Model S, revealing a new design, different options and updated price.

New interior design on the Tesla Model X.

While the focus is on the Model S due to its greater need for renewal, the Model X is not left out.

As with the Model S, the electric SUV gets one brand new interior. The interior of the Model X - similar to the new interior of the Model S - retains its panoramic windshield and can also be shaped with up to 7 seats.

Here are some photos of the new model X interior that was released Tesla today:

New Tesla Model X specifications and prices

While the internal update is the most important, the Model S and Model X updates also affect the exterior. vehicles.

The exterior design of the Model X has been slightly updated with a darker color (chrome delete), updated front-end and small changes at lines:

Model X Tesla

Tesla has also changed the available configurations with the Long Range now starting at $ 90.000. Also the Performance version was replaced by "Plaid" with a price of $ 120.000:

Model X Tesla

The electric SUV has a nice little performance upgrade, see the detailed information below:

As mentioned earlier with the new Model S upgrade, the Model X also gets a new powertrain that uses technology used in engines 3 and Model Y, as well as the heat pump set was released for the first time in Model Y and more recently in Model 3.

Production of the new Model X is set to begin this quarter with traditions to follow a little later.

Source of information: electrek.co


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