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Intel launches the first distinctive Iris Xe desktop graphics cards

Intel's first distinctive desktop graphics cards will soon be available as part of pre-built systems that customers can purchase. The chip company announced that it has officially released the Iris Xe graphics cards, which it has developed with partners, including Asus. Intel first gave us an image of the graphics chip - called "DG1" while it is in progress - at CES 2020. In October last year, the first laptops with graphics cards Iris Xe Max from Acer, Asus and Dell released on the market.

intel Iris Xe desktop

Now, the special GPU Xe for desktop is also released, although customers can not buy it to make their own devices. Intel sends it chip to companies that develop prefabricated computers intended for small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as for mainstream users. As Anandtech notes, the DG1 GPU is based on its built-in GPU Tiger lake having almost the same specifications - the desktop version has even slightly lower specifications from the corresponding one for laptops.

The desktop GPU has three display outputs, HDR support, 80 execution units and 4GB LPDDR4x memory. Its purpose is not to buy those who need strong components for gaming facilities. Intel also announced in 2020 that it is working on another gaming chip called Xe-HPG and is expected to support the acceleration of ray tracing and GDDR6 memory when released sometime during the year.

Source of information: engadget.com


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