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Google Lens on Android supports offline translation

Google is finally releasing offline translation support on Google Lens on Android. This feature, which has been in development for almost a year now, will allow users to translate text instantly without the need for an active internet connection.

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According to a recent report from 9to5Google, offline translation support on Google Lens is available to users via a server update. Once you receive the update, you should look a new "Tap to download" message that points to a new button next to most languages ​​on the "Select language" screen. If you press this button, the corresponding one will be downloaded language pack for translations Offline.

After downloading a language pack, one will appear check mark next to the language to indicate that it is ready for offline translations. Once downloaded, Google Lens will be able to translate text even offline Internet.

Like the direct translation feature in Google Translate, the offline translation feature in Google Lens will automatically translate the recognized text as soon as you place the camera where it should be.

As you can see in the screenshot below, the translation will be overlaid in the live preview. The preview window will he points out also that the translation was done offline in one Sheet at the bottom, along with a note stating that "some features [were not] available". The sheet will also include a "Copy all" button to help you copy quickly translated text in clipboard.

Offline translation on Google Lens on Android is widely available to users via a server-side update, but you should be aware of a recent version of the Google application to use ability. If you are using an older version, you can upgrade to one latest version.

Source of information: xda-developers.com


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