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Tesla Semi: Tesla Gigafactory in Nevada is looking for staff

In a new job announcement, the Tesla referred to "production lines of semi-trucks»At Gigafactory in Nevada. This indicates that the company will proceed with the production of the new semi-trucks Tesla Semi in that factory.

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When the Tesla Semi was released in 2017, the automaker said that publications of the model, which is a category 8 truck, with 80.000-lb. capacity, will have 300 and 500 mile range options and will cost $ 150.000 and $ 180.000 respectively.

However, the CEO of the company Elon Musk, said they found ways to extend this range during vehicle testing.

A year later, Musk said that one version of the Tesla Semi would cover about 600 miles.

After some delays, Tesla spoke of a "small production" in late 2020, but the schedule was later moved to 2021.

Last summer, Musk informed them employees of that "it's time to release the Tesla Semi in mass production»Without informing about the schedule.

The CEO later said that the Tesla Semi will be built at Gigafactory in Austin, Texas.

Despite Musk's comment that Tesla plans to produce the new semi-truck in Austin, we have seen many indications that Tesla is also planning to produce it in Nevada.

Last year, Tesla began building a huge new building near the Nevada Gigafactory, which according to information will be involved in the production of the Tesla Semi.

Later, we saw a post about a Tesla Semi job at Gigafactory in Nevada.

Tesla has now added two more jobs related to the production of the Tesla Semi (Process Technician and Mechanical Quality Manager).

In the job description, Tesla directly mentions the "production lines of semi-trucks":

"Tesla Gigafactory 1 is looking for a manager to provide Operational & Technical Leadership for quality engineers for the Semi-Truck production lines."

Tesla has promised to start production of its electric semi-truck this year, but the exact date is not clear.

So far the company has received many orders for its semi-truck. For example, the Walmart was recently added to the Tesla Semi order list. THE Jerome Guillen, President of Tesla Automotive and Program Leader, confirmed that Tesla "promised some first units to some long-term, very patient and supportive customersBut without naming them.

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