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Tesla / Samsung Partnership: New chip for fully autonomous driving

Tesla has partnered with Samsung on a new 5nm chip that offers fully autonomous driving, according to a new report from Korea.

Tesla is moving to design its own chips

In 2016, Tesla created a team of chip architects led by legendary designer Jim Keller. The company he says that target was to design an extremely powerful and efficient chip for autonomous driving.

In 2019, Tesla finally unveiled the chip as part of self-driving computer hardware 3.0 (HW 3.0).

At circulation of the new chip, the CEO Elon Musk announced that Tesla is already working on the next generation of the chip, and they expect it to be three times better than the previous one chip.

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Tesla's next generation autonomous driving chip

A few months ago, there was a report that Tesla was planning to use on the next generation autonomous driving chip a 7 nanometer process from TSMC, a company from Ταϊβάν.

Now, a new report from Korea reports that Tesla is working with Samsung on a 5-nanometer chip for autonomous driving. Samsung is already partner Tesla for the production of its current self-propelled chips in computer hardware 3.0. However, this chip is based on 14-nm technology.

5-nm chips are a more recent one technology which started trading in commercial products just last year. They are found in some of the latest smartphones, such as the Apple iPhone 12.

The latest report on Tesla's new chips states that mass production was scheduled for the fourth quarter of 4 - which means that it is unlikely that we will see these chips in the production vehicles of Tesla until 2022.

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