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Apple Watch Series 7: Will have blood glucose monitoring

In accordance with ETNewsThe Apple Watch Series 7 will include the ability to monitor blood glucose through optical sensor.

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Η Apple, intends to bring the blood glucose monitoring feature to the upcoming Apple Watch Series 7, using a non-invasive optical sensor.

Proper measurement of blood glucose levels, or blood sugar levels, is vital for patients suffering from diabetes. Normally, measuring glucose requires a blood drop test, which is placed on a blood sugar monitor or the use of an implant monitor (CGM). The ability to monitor for significant increases or decreases in blood glucose may warn of possible problem health or just to help improve a user's diet.

Apple has reportedly obtained patents for blood glucose monitoring, and the company appears to be "focused on ensuring reliability and stability before it is commercialized." technology». The optical sensor designed by Apple is believed to be a continuous dermal monitoring solution that does not require an implant.


Apparently, Apple has been interested in adding the blood glucose monitoring feature to the Apple Watch for quite some time. The company reportedly set up a team of biomedical engineers and consultants, working specifically on sensors for non-invasive blood sugar monitoring since 2017, and work on the sensor has undergone clinical trials in San Francisco. Apple CEO, Tim Cook, was even spotted trying out what is believed to be an original glucose monitor connected to the Apple Watch.

In recent years, Apple has added several health monitoring features to Apple Watches, such as the ability to measure blood oxygen levels or get an ECG. Late last year, Tim Cook‌ referred to the future of the Apple Watch, saying that device is still "in its infancy" with Apple testing "incredible" capabilities in its labs.

"Think about the amount of sensors in your car," Cook said, "and undoubtedly, your body is much more important than your car." The Apple Watch Series 7 is expected to be released later this year, but we do not know much about them possibilities that will have.

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