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Netflix offers "studio quality" audio upgrade on Android

Don't be surprised if Netflix sounds better the next time you run a marathon in a row on your Android phone. Netflix has upgraded its Android app by adding xHE-AAC support that will bring "studio quality" sound to Android devices - meaning "studio quality" sound will help you watch your favorite movie wherever you want without any problems with sound.

Netflix Android

The new format offers a variable bit rate that can improve audio quality when your connection to Internet. Volume management, meanwhile, prevents volume changes and compensates noisy environments without the risk of clipping the loudest sounds. You will be able to hear the sound from your phone speakers without you try to understand the dialogue.

You will need a device running Android 9.0 Pie or later to use xHE-AAC. Although the difference in sound may not seem very useful to you since you are constantly at home because of it pandemic, you might find it especially helpful if you are bored of getting out of bed and are determined to see her there. movie you.

Source of information: engadget.com


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