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COVID-19: Companies compete for the vaccination passport

Those vaccinated against Covid-19 at Dodger Stadium, obtain a CDC card with handwritten details of when they were issued the vaccine and what type he was.

COVID-19 passport

The CDC card is a tradition dating back to 1880, when these cards were used to allow students to return to schools, in the midst of a smallpox epidemic.

Now these cards are digital.

LA County patients can sign up to receive one link containing the card information in digital format.

It also includes a link to add all this data to Apple Wallet, a built-in application iPhone commonly used to store items such as event tickets and airplane boarding passes. It can also be added to the Google Wallet and downloaded as a PDF file.

The card you provide in Los Angeles is one of the first examples in the United States of a Covid-19 digital vaccine proof, where patients they can store information about their vaccination status on their phones and provide it quickly to anyone who may request it, such as an airline or a school or a concert venue.

There is currently no international or national coordination on vaccine best practices, so companies that host major events do not have the authority to comment on what is legal and ethical when choosing policies and technology their.

The FDA has not approved any company to offer real-time vaccination results. A World Health Organization (WHO) committee on the issue met this week, but has not yet released its results.

Many different companies are trying to create systems which also include safety and characteristics related to the vaccination certificate.

As for the airlines, some of them are looking for a more reliable verification system, as several cases have been recorded where passengers presented forged certificates in order to be able to fly.

This week, the Emirates Airlines said it would use an application developed by IATA called Travel pass, to verify the tests for the Covid-19 before taking off from Dubai. IATA hopes the system will reduce major airports. Careen says the plan is to extend the Travel Pass to vaccines as soon as possible.

Medical confidentiality is another matter of public concern. Some argue that it does not make sense for a security guard or administrator to have access to medical information, such as the vaccine or test a person received and where it was taken. Instead, the system should be as simple as scanning a barcode and provide a quick confirmation.

Top companies around the world, including Microsoft, Oracle, Salesforce, Cerner, Epic and Cigna, are working together to create more than just a vaccine proof, creating a world where medical records can be obtained from providers and stored over the phone. the patients.

The variety of approaches means that a single system is unlikely to emerge in the US. Instead, people will likely need multiple receipts on their phone - perhaps an airline passport, a school wallet and a different app to watch a race.

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