HomesecurityIntel: Internal error caused data leak

Intel: Internal error caused data leak

The famous construction company chip for computers, Intel Corp., confirmed that an internal error resulted in one data leakage, which eventually forced the company to publish its quarterly earnings report earlier than expected.

Intel error

Intel CEO, George davis, made a statement to the Financial Times, saying that the chip company believes that a malicious agent stole financially sensitive information from its website. This is why Intel is waiting for the release of a quarterly earnings report to avoid the possibility of intruders being able to use these data for companies in the stock market.

The company confirmed that malicious agents did not put in risk the corporate network.

"A chart has been breached by our PR newsroom," Davis told the newspaper.  

In accordance with Associated Press, an unnamed company spokesman said Intel had been notified that the chart had been released outside the company.

Currently, the company has excluded infringement and confirmed that the incident was caused by an internal error, through a statement issued, which states the following:

"The URL of our earnings chart was inadvertently made available to the public prior to the publication of our earnings and was given access to third parties." says the Intel statement. "As soon as we realized the situation, we immediately issued our profit announcement. "Intel's network has not been compromised and we have adapted our process to prevent it in the future."

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