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Automatically move Gmail messages to a different tab

Often e-mail we accept can fill the inbox us, especially if we use our email and for business purposes. If you want to keep your Gmail inbox organized, make sure your emails go to the desired Inbox tab by using "filtersFor them.

Gmail tab

Η Google offers features that allow you to sort your emails between auto-sort tabs (Main, Social, Bids). However, you may want one of your favorite newsletters to be sent to your Home tab so you never miss it.

First sign in to your Gmail account at computer your. Once logged in, click the inbox tab that contains the email you want to migrate.

Then just drag and drop the email you want to move to a different tab. For example, if a newsletter generally goes to the Offers tab and you want to move it to the Main tab, just drag and drop the message into the Main tab.

Once moved, one will appear message informing you that the conversation has been moved to the destination tab. It will also ask you if you want to move future messages from this sender to the same tab. Click on "Yes".

Now, all future emails from this sender will be automatically sorted to the desired tab. However, if you want to do the same for existing emails, you need to create one filter.

You can create filters to automatically move emails to different inboxes. To do this, click on the gear icon in the upper right corner of the window.

In the menu "Quick settings", Click on"View all settings".

You will now be in the menu "Settings”By Gmail. Here, click on the tab "Filters and blocked addresses".

In the tab "Filters and blocked addresses", There will be two sections. In the Filter section, click “Create a new filter".

Once selected, a new menu will appear. Here, fill in the criteria for the emails you want to move:

From: Specify the sender of the email.

To: Specify the recipient of the email.

Subject: Words on the subject of email.

It has the words: Messages that contain specific keywords.

Has not: Messages that do not contain specific keywords.

Μέγεθος: Emails that are larger or smaller than a certain size (in bytes, KB or MB).

It has an attachment: Emails containing attachments.

Do not include conversations: Exclude conversations from the filter.

Once you have entered the filter criteria, click on “Create a filter".

Next, you need to determine where to move the email when your criteria are met. At the bottom of the window, select the box next to “Categorize asClick on it and then select the down arrow to display a drop-down menu.

Select the category in which you want the emails to be delivered.

Finally, click on "Create filter". You will then receive a notification stating that your filter has been successfully created.


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