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Lightworks 2021.1 for Linux, Mac and Windows has been released

Lightworks Professional Multi-Platform Video Editing Software received the first major update to Lightworks 2021.1 for Windows, Linux and Mac.

Lightworks 2021.1 is also probably the biggest update the software has received in the last ten years, as it has been released with many new features.

Lightworks 2021.1 for Linux, Mac and Windows

The first major update to version 2021.1 is support for macOS 11 Big Sur. Another big improvement is the complete abolition of the "project frame-rate" restriction. You can create projects without setting a basic frame rate, as it now allows inside having any frame rate (including variable rate) to be inserted into a project, to reproduced, be recorded and added to sequences seamlessly.

Lightworks 2021.1

Also, all the "source clips" are reproduced at the rhythm of their native frames and as soon as they are inserted in a sequence, they are reformatted automatically or dynamically and redefined so that Pair in the form of sequence.

Additionally, you can also right-click on a sequence and choose the required “Playback format”.

Lightworks 2021.1 gives you more flexibility subtracting the limit on the number of sequences or the combination of formats reproduction.

In addition, version 2021.1 retains the "clips resolutions" as it does not change size to match the Output format of the project.

Among the other major changes to Lightworks 2021.1 were the following:

  • Professional language translations for Japanese have been added, French, Spanish, Vietnamese and Korean
  • Added the "Associates" tab which contains a powerful new toolkit
  • New controls in the "User Interface Appearance" panel
  • Ability to customize colors of the timeline segment
  • Improvements when working with media 4K, including H.265 / HEVC instruments
  • Custom "Square" and "Portrait" format templates for SOCIAL MEDIA (only for those who have an active Lightworks Pro license)
  • Custom Sequence Output formats (only for those with active Lightworks Pro license)

How to obtain Lightworks 2021.1?

Since Lightworks is a freemium software, the free version is available for download for Windows, macOS and Linux platforms.

However, if you want to use more possibilities of Lightwork you will need to upgrade to Lightworks Pro by purchasing premium version of.

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