HomesecurityMyFreeCams: Two million files were stolen from the adult site

MyFreeCams: Two million files were stolen from the adult site

A database of the popular adult site MyFreeCams, has leaked into one hacking forum, resulting in data of its users to be in risk.  

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An attack SQL injection, which took place against the company in December, led to leakage of data located on the site servers. According to CyberNews, the database contains records of 2 million members of MyFreeCams Premium, including usernames, email addresses, amounts of MyFreeCams (MFC Tokens) and plain text passwords.

The stolen data is now being sold on the hacking forum, in packages containing 10.000 user data, at a price of $ 1500 in bitcoin. However, others Criminals could easily win at least $ 10.000 on the black market, from a single data packet sold by selling premium accounts with MFC Token balances.

Following the discovery of the leak and the sale of user data, CyberNews contacted MyFreeCams and the company immediately notified those affected. users and reset the passwords.

As it turned out, the stolen files of users of the adult streaming site seem to be in high demand by cybercriminals, as the hacker bitcoin wallet that made them available on the forum shows a balance of about $ 21.600.

This data could be used to blackmail the site users, to commit attacks falsify credentials, launch targeted phishing attacks and send e-mails to victims.

Fortunately, the database does not contain sensitive information or financial data, such as credit card numbers or passport IDs. However, stolen email addresses and plain text passwords may be enough to breach other victims' accounts if they use the same credentials on multiple web sites. services.

The Senior Information Security Researcher Mantas Sasnauskas, provided further information on the implications of MyFreeCams data breach in a statement:

"When leaks like this occur, the risks are not just in the broken accounts and passwords or in the stolen virtual currencies. Violations like this raise serious privacy issues: most site users like MyFreeCams would no doubt prefer to remain anonymous, but now their email addresses can be used for a variety of purposes. It is not difficult to imagine the consequences if this information was used maliciously. For example, blackmailing people for payment, leaking user information from the site or even disclosing to their families, to employers or to the general public that they frequent on the site. "

MyFreeCams users should reset their passwords immediately and consider using a password manager to create unique, strong, and complex passwords to further protect their online accounts.

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