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Google: How to view and delete the data it collects for you

There are some Companies which people do not seem to trust much - one of them is Google. The reason why the technology giant does not enjoy the trust of users, is related to the fact that the company collects a huge amount of data. However, there is a way to see the volume and type of data collected.

How you can see everything Google knows about you
On the plus side, Google has a central hub for viewing all data related to it account your. Some of this is information that you willingly provided, but there are some things you may not be aware of.

  • To get started, start a web browser such as Google Chrome and go to myaccount.google.com.
Google: How to view and delete the data it collects for you
  • Then go to the tab “Data and personalization”.
Google: How to view and delete the data it collects for you
  • This big page is where you can see all your data. There are some sections you want to explore. First, scroll down to "Activity and Chronology".
Google: How to view and delete the data it collects for you
  • Here, you will find shortcuts to two important things:
  • My activity: This is almost everything you do that is somehow linked to your Google Account, which includes browsing history, Google searches, history in YouTube, Google commands Assistant, record location etc .;
  • Timeline: This is a special page for the location history displayed on a map. You can customize the dates to really explore your "travels". Location history is collected by Google Maps and other Google applications.
  • The page "My activity" is where you will see them data in real time. Click to "explore".
Google: How to view and delete the data it collects for you

The data is grouped into cards per service (Google.com, YouTube, etc.) and is in approximately chronological order. Select the three-dot menu icon in the corner of the card to view the full history or to delete the activity.

Returning to the tab “Data and personalization”, there is the section "Things you create and do". Click "Go to Google Dashboard".

This is a long list of all applications And the services Google you use. Each can be expanded to reveal shortcuts to information.

The Google Dashboard is where you can really dive in and see exactly how much data Google has about you.

How to delete your data in Google
Once you see how much data Google has for you, the next thing you might want to do is delete it. We have already touched on this topic in the above section.

From the page "My activity", you can delete pieces of your data grouped by service. For example, you can delete your entire Google Search history from a specific day.

However, deleting data like this can be a bit tedious. A better solution is to delete your data automatically after a certain period of time.

At the top of the page "My activity", you will see it “Web and application activity”, “Location History” and "YouTube History ”. Finally, click on any of them to customize how your data is tracked.

Source: Fossbytes.com


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