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Google Chrome: How to manage your extensions?

The Google Chrome extensions They can be very useful, as they improve your productivity when using it browser.

If you do not know how to manage them, see below.

By opening the Chrome Extensions settings, you can manage, disable, or remove extensions from Chrome browser.

Manage Chrome extensions

When you open Google Chrome, you can see your extensions at the top of the screen (right). Any Chrome add-ons you have installed are displayed here as icons. But there may be others. To see a list of all the Chrome extensions you have installed, click Settings> More Tools> Extensions.

Alternatively, do right-click on any extension icon and select “Manage extensionsFrom the drop-down menu. You will see all the extensions and installed Chrome applications.

You can also visit the following address: chrome: // extensions /, which will lead you to all your extensions. There you can manage them.

Turn Chrome extensions on / off

When you are in the "Extensions" section, you will see a list of all the add-ons you have installed in Chrome browser.

Next to each extension, there is one button that allows you to turn on or off an extension in a simple way.

To configure the extensions, click on "Details". You can adjust the settings to suit your needs.

Google Chrome extensions

Check Chrome extensions settings

You can check them empty provided in any Chrome extension on the page chrome: // extensions by clicking the "Details" button of an extension. At this point you can check them out settings and licenses. It is good to pay attention to the section "Access on the Website".

You can choose whether you want an extension to allow all of your data to read and change to specific or all of the sites you visit.

However, the most important regulation is “Allow anonymous browsing".

Make sure this option is always off, so that your browsing history is not recorded by Chrome extensions in incognito mode.

Remove Chrome extensions

If you want to delete an extension, go to the list of Chrome extensions and select “Abolition".

Google Chrome extensions

Add Chrome extensions

On our Chrome Web Store you can find all the extensions for program browsing. You can browse by categories or search for a specific one. Once you have selected a Chrome extension to install, just click “Add to Chrome".

A window will appear asking for it granting of some licenses. To use the extension, you must grant these permissions by clicking "Add extension". This will install the extension in your browser.

Hide Chrome extensions from the menu bar

Many prefer to have extensions Chrome in the toolbar for quick access, however, if you do not want them there, you can hide them. Right-click on the icon and select "Hide in Chrome menu".

This option will remove the extension from the toolbar without disabling it. To obtain access in the hidden extensions, visit the chrome page: // extensions /.

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