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What are the rumors circulating about the iPhone 13?

Apple's iPhone 13 will feature a redesigned Face ID system with a smaller notch at the top of the screen, according to a new report released today.

The rumor comes from a post on DigiTimes, the sources of which also claim that the extremely wide-angle lens on Apple's next-generation iPhones is expected to upgraded.

iPhone 13

""The next-generation iPhone facial recognition system will receive some design changes with the size of the notch at the top of the screen shrinking and their UV angle lens being upgraded from 5P to 6P," the sources said.

"The new design integrates the Rx, Tx and flood illuminator into the same camera unit, to allow smaller notch sizes, ”they continued.

This is the third time we have heard rumors of a thinner or shallower notch in the iPhone 13. The Japanese website Mac Otakara has previously said that some sources in the Chinese supply chain say the same thing, while Ice Universe claimed exactly the same thing.

Both rumors have suggested that instead of reducing the width, the notch can be reduced in height to does less noticeable, so it is possible that the 2021 iPhone‌ models have a notch that has the same length but is not as "tall".

Today's rumor claims that the new Face ID camera module will be provided by Foxconn and LG Innotek based in Korea, while the front camera units will be manufactured by O-Film.

In addition, DigiTimes sources they claim that the "iPhone 13" series will continue to use the 7P lens used in its iPhones last year. However, ‌iPhone 13‌ Pro models will have bigger CMOS Image Sensor (CIS) that will bring "resolution improvements", while non-Pro models will receive as a legacy the CIS that is used on iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max:

"Sources revealed that the Pro family of next-generation iPhones will reportedly have a CIS set designed recently, while others models will adopt the CIS that they use ‌iPhone 12 Pro‌ devices. The CIS will be provided mainly by Sony", Said the sources.

The same DigiTimes post also claims that the entire ‌iPhone 13‌ series will feature optical image stabilization with a sensor change.

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