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Bill Gates: Will he work with Biden on COVID-19 / climate change?

Her co-founder Microsoft, Bill Gates, reported in Twitter Looks forward to working with the new US President, Joe Biden, and the Vice President, Kamala Harris, to address some of the challenges facing both USA as well as the rest of the world.

In particular, Gates referred to pandemic COVID-19 and climate change, but he is optimistic about the future.

Bill Gates: Will he work with Biden on COVID-19 / climate change?
Bill Gates: Will he work with Biden on COVID-19 / climate change?

In particular, Bill Gates mentioned in his related tweet the following: "I look forward to working with President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris to address some of our most pressing challenges, such as the COVID-19 pandemic and climate change. "It's a difficult time for America, but I'm optimistic about the coming months and years."

In addition, in three other tweets, Bill Gates encouraged Americans to distance themselves, wear masks and do the vaccine for COVID-19, noting that this will return the country to normalcy. He also praised Joe Biden for his commitment to reintegrate the United States into Paris Agreement of 2016 on climate change.

About 200 countries are part of the agreement and have agreed to fight global warming by reducing carbon emissions. In 2017, the former President, <br><br>Donald Trump, pulled the US out of the deal, saying it was unfair to the country and would have a negative impact on jobs.

Bill Gates, who funds medical research and vaccine development programs through the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, said he left the Microsoft board to devote more time to charities such as global health, development, education and its growing commitment to tackling climate change. Since then, he has made numerous media appearances discussing the pandemic and warning about climate change. His new book "How to avoid climate disaster" will be published in February.

Bill Gates: Will he work with Biden on COVID-19 / climate change?
Bill Gates: Will he work with Biden on COVID-19 / climate change?

In addition, Bill Gates warned in a blog post in August that while COVID-19 is "awful", the climate change crisis could be even worse. He acknowledged that it was difficult to focus on anything other than the pandemic, but said that the United States needed to step up its efforts to address climate change.

Specifically, Bill Gates mentioned in his relevant post the following: "If you want to understand the kind of damage that climate change will cause, look at COVID-19 and multiply the pain over a much longer period of time. "The loss of life and the financial misery caused by this pandemic are tantamount to what would happen if we did not eliminate the world's carbon emissions."

Bill Gates: Will he work with Biden on COVID-19 / climate change?
Bill Gates on climate change

In December, in another blog post, he proposed the creation of a new government service called the "National Institute for Energy Innovation" to tackle climate change.

In more detail, he pointed out the following: "There is no service that is responsible for evaluating and cultivating great ideas. For example, clean fuel research manages offices in the Energy, Transport and Defense departments - and even NASA. Similarly, the responsibility for energy storage research is shared by at least four offices in the Ministry of Energy. "

According to Cnet, Bill Gates noted that the National Institutes of Health could serve as a model, providing a clear and specific Mission which would allow independent researchers to pursue science rather than a political staff that would change priorities every few years, by changing a presidential administration.

Biden promised during it campaign that it would bring the US back to the Paris Agreement. He also called for restrictions on oil and gas drilling on public lands. At the same time, he promised more emphasis on renewable energy sources, which he said would also create millions of new jobs. However, Gates said the United States needs to do more.

Joe Biden

In a post he announced in December, he argued that they should significantly increase state funding for renewable energy research. He also said that the US currently spends $ 7 billion on renewable energy research, while spending $ 35 billion a year on medical research. He also stressed that increasing funding, at least at the level of medical research, would be a good first start.

Gates said he was optimistic the United States could lead the world in climate change. "I believe we can avoid climate catastrophe - if we develop the clean energy tools we now have wisely and if we make big discoveries that touch on every aspect of our natural economy. "The creation of the National Institute for Energy Innovation will put us on the right track."


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