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QAnon fans: Disappointed on social media after Biden was sworn in

Some of her supporters QAnon expressed the their frustration in online forums and chat rooms, about his swearing in Joe Biden. Most of them thought it would happen coup on the day of the swearing-in, in order to remain in power o Donald Trump.

Qanon fans: Disappointed on social media after Biden was sworn in

However, things did not turn out as they wanted.

Proponents of the conspiracy theory believe Wednesday's swearing-in was a complicated trap for the former president, where Democrats would be arrested and executed, while Trump would retain power.

Apparently, their predictions fell out, after Joe Biden was sworn in as normal. QAnon members told applications messaging (Telegram and elsewhere) and in forums that they felt betrayed.

Following the swearing-in, a post on the QAnon forum stated: “I do not think that should have happened”And wondered:“How long does it take to arrest him?";

And others users, however, immediately expressed in SOCIAL MEDIA their frustration when they realized that their dreams of a bloody coup would not come true.

"Is there anyone else who feels so frustrated?”Someone wrote in a forum. "It is like being a child and seeing the big gift under the tree to think that it is exactly what you want and when you open it to realize that it was a piece of coal", He added.

Qanon fans: Disappointed on social media after Biden was sworn in

One of the largest QAnon groups at Telegram closed the comments for a while. When it reopened, after being accused of censorship, thousands users they hurried to comment. The predominant reactions were confusion and the realization that QAnon was actually a hoax, although some tried to defend the conspiracy theory.

Ο Ron Watkins, Former administrator of the QAnon hub 8kun and supporter of conspiracy theories surrounding the election results, posted a message to his 100.000 followers: “We gave it our all. Now we must keep our optimism and return to our lives as best we can".

Proponents of QAnon have turned to applications such as Telegram and Gab after being excluded from major platforms such as Facebook. The social networking platform reported that has removed since November 60.000 pages, groups and accounts that had promoted conspiracy theory.

QAnon fans have been preparing for a few weeks for the supposed events that would take place on the day of Biden's inauguration and warning their friends and family via messages to Facebook to Buy CB Radios and Store Food |. They believed that Trump would declared martial law via the Emergency Alert System before making mass arrests.

Travis View, which hosts the QAnon Anonymous podcast, said those who make money from conspiracy theories find it difficult to persuade followers to stay true to this false prediction.

"QAnon influencers who have built a large audience over the past three years continue to encourage their audience to trust the designSaid View. "Many QAnon fans express anger and disappointment".

Biden swearing in
Qanon fans: Disappointed on social media after Biden was sworn in

QAnon fans also took part in attack on Capitol of USA on Jan. 6, including a man wearing a Qanon shirt and leading a group of protesters to the Senate Hall.

Logically.AI spotted some conversations between fans and saw comments like:

"God help us to be ready. If nothing happens, I will not believe in anything anymore".

After the swearing in, many commented that they had been deceived.

Logically.AI researcher Nick Backovic said that it seems that many QAnon fans are resigning after this failed prophecy, but advocates of white supremacy are already trying to recruit frustrated conspiracy theorists.

Source: NBC News


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