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How can you unblock sites and services using a VPN?

The Internet is free and open to all. However, there are some sites and services whose content is blocked, which displeases users. From time to time you may come across sites and services with geographical restrictions. With Internet censorship on the rise in many parts of the world, there have also been ways to circumvent censorship and unblock various sites. VPNs are tools used more to unblock sites and circumvent censorship. The VPN works by channeling them data coming out of computer through a secure server provided by the VPN provider, and so on website destination does not know your IP address. In addition, VPNs encrypt your traffic to keep it private.

How can you unblock sites and services using a VPN?

Why are some sites on the Internet blocked?
Sites can be blocked on the Internet for a variety of reasons. Government censorship, geographical restrictions, schools, workplaces, etc. block sites to restrict specific content, while sites are also blocked by anti-malware/ virus software.

How can you unblock sites and services using a VPN?

Most service sites streaming are subject to geographical restrictions due to licensing agreements that allow movies / TV shows in certain areas. Some of the most frequently blocked sites on the Internet are:

To unblock sites, you can use VPNs, proxy sites, and the Tor browser.


Hola VPN-unblocking

How can you use a VPN to unblock sites?
You can use different VPNs, such as Hello VPN, which is known for its excellent anti-blocking features on sites (which have been placed under geographical restrictions).

  • Install the VPN Hola extension for your browser. Available for Google Chrome, Opera, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox.
  • Visit the blocked site, click on the Hola VPN extension in your browser, select the country in which the site is available and click on "Unblock".

The site will reload and you will be able to easily access it if it is available in the country of your choice in the VPN extension. Hola VPN offers a huge variety of countries to choose from. Using a VPN, you can access blocked sites and unblock geographical content to enjoy the Internet as you wish.

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