HomesecurityInterpol: Scammers approach their victims in dating applications!

Interpol: Scammers approach their victims in dating applications!

Interpol has issued a statement warning people that many scammers are targeting users of dating apps and trying to trick them into investing money in fake trading apps.

The warning was issued in all 194 Member States after the Interpol Financial Crimes Unit received reports from people from all over the world. people who fell victim to such scams.

These scams have become increasingly easy to carry out as many people have turned to online dating since its inception. pandemic of COVID-19.

Interpol Scammers dating applications

Victims are deceived in order to install fake trading applications

"In the early stages, a romantic communication begins through an acquaintance application. Once communication becomes regular and trust is built, scammers share investments tips to victims and encourage them to participate in one program. ” said Interpol.

Victims are then encouraged by scammers to download and open an account in a trading application.

Interpol: Scammers approach their victims in dating applications!

The scammers who coordinate this program also act as customer service agents for the fake investment platform, "helping" victims to choose products available on the sites that they use domain similar to legal platforms.

"One day, however, all contact stops and the victims are locked out of it account ", Interpol added. "The victims are confused, hurt and worried that they will never see them again money their".

How to protect yourself from scams

To avoid losing their money through these scams, Interpol urges dating app users to be careful when using dating platforms and be skeptics with internet relationships.

Interpol also shared some tips to help dating app users protect themselves from fraud:

  • Always be careful when someone you do not know approaches you, especially if they suddenly ask you for money.
  • Be skeptical: online investing is often too good to be true.
  • Before transferring your money, think twice.
  • Do your research: check reviews, check the app again, the domain name, email etc.
  • Do not disclose personal / confidential information.
  • If you realize that you have been the victim of a scam, report it to the authorities.

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