HomesecurityTrump: US cloud providers will file foreign customers

Trump: US cloud providers will file foreign customers

The most controversial president of the United States, <br><br>Donald Trump signed an executive order shortly before its release, which obliges US cloud companies to keep records of their foreign clients, in a bid to help US authorities identify perpetrators cyberspace.

U.S. cloud providers will need to file names, physical addresses and email addresses, national IDs, media and payment sources such as credit card or bank account details, phone numbers and IP addresses used to access services.

"Foreign agents use products IaaS for a variety of malicious tasks, making it extremely difficult for U.S. officials to locate and obtain information through legal process before these foreign agents go into replacement infrastructure and destroy evidence of their past activities. Trump wrote in letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Vice President Mike Pence.

The term [IaaS] means any product or service offered to a consumer, including free or "trial" offers, which provides processing, storage, networks or other basic computing resources with which the consumer can develop and execute software which is not predefined, including operating systems and applications, ”he states.


"The consumer usually does not manage or control most of the underlying hardware, but has control over operating systems, storage space and any applications that are developed. The term includes "managed" products or services, in which the provider is responsible for certain aspects of its configuration or maintenance. systemic and "unmanaged" products or services, in which the provider is solely responsible for ensuring that the product is available to the consumer.

The mandate allows the Secretary of Commerce to restrict access to U.S. cloud services if a country is deemed to have "any significant number of foreigners offering US IaS products used for malicious activity." This section and the record keeping obligations will start after 180 days.

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