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Tesla: Seeks man to help Musk handle Twitter complaints

It has been heard that the Tesla no longer has a public relations department to handle questions from journalists. It seems, however, that needs a person to manage their tweets and especially their complaints users of Twitter addressed to Elon Musk.

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Tesla: Seeks man to help Musk handle Twitter complaints

According to the job description, a “Energy Customer Support Office Advisor", Who will work remotely.

"Tesla Energy Support Specialists handle various issues customers, while providing customer service world class", The description states. "The role of an expert is to resolve or escalate complaints through appropriate channels and to deal with what is being said on social media about the CEO with critical thinking.".

Ο Elon Musk is very active on Twitter. It has over 42,6 million followers and makes sure to keep them updated on product updates, views on its stock prices. Tesla, while he does not hesitate to answer his various comments and questions users.

Tesla complaints
Tesla: Seeks man to help Musk handle Twitter complaints

We do not know at this time whether the expert requested by Tesla will remove some of these tasks from Musk or whether he will simply strengthen the posts about company etc. We also do not know if Tesla already has staff for this position. A verified account "Tesla SupportBecame a member Twitter in June 2016, but has not tweeted since.

Η Elon Musk's willingness to interact frequently with customers via Twitter, makes it very accessible and has offered him a large number of followers consisting of both Tesla car owners and ordinary Twitter users. The CEO of Tesla constantly expresses his personal views and the company's attitude on various issues and often answers himself and journalists. For this reason, most likely, the public relations department no longer exists.

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Tesla: Seeks man to help Musk handle Twitter complaints

However, it seems that the young specialist will be actively involved in social media to manage and resolve customer complaints, as people are used to making tweets directly to Musk when they have a problem. So far, her official account Tesla did not respond well to customer concerns. Therefore, the CEO needs a little help managing all the tweets.

In recent years, more and more Companies hire staff to support customers at Internet and dealing with complaints to SOCIAL MEDIA.

You can see the description of Tesla's new job here..

Source: Business Insider

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