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Apple sued! They want to remove Telegram from the App Store

Although Telegram has become very popular in the world in recent days, it also receives a lot of negative reviews. A former US ambassador has filed a lawsuit against Apple, claiming that by hosting Telegram in its App Store, Apple is causing him an emotional charge - the user owns an iPhone XR. The lawsuit alleges that Apple disregarded its policies by allowing App Store users to download Telegram. Ambassador Marc Ginsburg, who filed the lawsuit with the extremist defense group The Coalition for a Safer Web, wants Apple to remove Telegram from the App Store and is seeking at least $ 75.000 in compensation.

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Telegram downloads have increased in recent weeks, to more than 25 million new users to flow into the application. This comes as users are looking for alternatives to WhatsApp, a Facebook-owned messaging platform that confuses its users with recent policy changes.

While Telegram sees posts from far-right groups such as Boogaloo Bois and Proud Boys explode after the Capitol attack, it remains in the App Store. Of course, Apple worked differently with Parler application and removed it from her store because it allowed similar groups to launch hate rhetoric. Some of these Telegram groups are not new, but they have grown in size.

Telegram told Mashable that from January 6 to January 14, Telegram moderators deleted 182 public debates related to USA and various calls for violence, saying that the groups will they could to have reached dozens thousands of subscribers.

Telegram users can be part of public and private channels and groups. Channels are used for transmission information and can have an unlimited number participants. The teams act as group DMs and can include up to 200.000 people.

The Telegram has deleted many public debates calling for violence or reporting child pornography. But the company seems to refuse to edited any complaints about private conversations.

The lawsuit, filed by Ginsburg, who is Jewish, specifically refers to anti-Semitism, racism and calls for violence made in implementation discussions. Ginsburg and the anti-extremism advocacy group The Coalition for a Safer Web say the Telegram lacks empathy. They want extremist groups to be expelled, whether they are public or private. This group aims to push them SOCIAL MEDIA to delete anti-Semitic and extremist groups.

It remains to be seen if this unusual treatment will work. But one thing is certain: All eyes are on Telegram and its policies!

Source of information: mashable.com


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