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VLC for macOS has been updated with full support for M1 Macs

VLC is one of the most popular media players and the macOS version is currently receiving a major update with full support for M1 Macs. Users can now enjoy the highest performance VLC feature on Apple Silicon Macs.

Having a Mac application compatible with the Apple Silicon platform means that the software can take full advantage of the new hardware with faster performance and also better energy efficiency - which is ideal for MacBook users.

VLC macOS M1 Macs

VLC 3.0.12 comes with a ready-made version for M1 Macs (and future Macs with Apple Silicon chips). In addition, the upgrade also comes with new enhancements to make it work properly on macOS Big Sur, an update offers a new design and important improvements in basic applications such as Safari, The messages and maps. It also enhances privacy and user safety.

Unfortunately, VLC is not yet available with universal binary, which means that application It now has two different versions: one for Intel Macs and one for M1 Macs. Once you have updated the VLC application for macOS to version 3.0.12, you should check again for updates and install version - which is for ARM machines.

VLC is available for free and you can get it through the official website VideoLAN. The mobile version for iOS is available for free at App Store.

Source of information: 9to5mac.com


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