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Facebook Messenger vs WhatsApp: Which is worse for privacy?

In recent days, the WhatsApp has been at the center of discussions due to issues that have arisen in relation to privacy of users. However, this scandal also drew attention to storage practices and data management other applications Facebook. For example, the Facebook Messenger, one of the most popular chat apps has also been criticized for the way it manages its users' privacy.

Specifically, the application monitors the expensive location, reads personal messages and scans the calendar.

The expert security and founder and CEO of the British company Digital Barriers, Zak Doffman, recently spoke about Facebook Messenger's worrying privacy policy.

Doffman did not hesitate to say that the collection data Messenger is "much more worrying" than WhatsApp.

Last week, WhatsApp received a lot of negative reviews due to changes in the terms of service, which allow it to share more data users with Facebook.

Many users felt that with these changes their personal messages can be monitored by the social networking platform and expressed their concerns. For its part, WhatsApp denies these allegations.


"This WhatsApp fiasco has distracted attention from how badly Messenger has invaded your privacy", Wrote Doffman. "There is no excuse for this".

"We all know that Facebook lives on data us - this is how we pay for his "free" services. But there must be a limit".

The social media platform has admitted that reads private messages that users send through Messenger in order to retrieve information that will allow it to display more targeted advertisements.

In addition, Facebook Messenger downloads to its servers archives that users attach to their messages as well links for sharing files and websites.

According to the security expert, Messenger also collects data location, contacts, shopping history, search history, browsing history And much more.

Doffman stressed that WhatsApp at least protects messages with end-to-end encryption. This means that no one, including WhatsApp and Facebook, can read the messages except the sender and recipient.

Messenger, on the other hand, offers encryption as part of the tool "secret conversations", But this is only supported in discussions between two people.

"It is this lack of end-to-end encryption that makes Messenger prohibitive to me", Wrote Doffman.

Collection and management practices data Messaging (and others) applications have been widely discussed in recent years.

Last month, Apple decided to take steps to increase user privacy and so All the applications in the App store inform users about the data they collect.

People who use WhatsApp and Messenger reveal a lot of their data in applications.

In contrast, Apple's messaging service, the iMessage, asks only for her email address, phone number and ID device.

Doffman recommends them all users to choose one messaging service that offers secure, encrypted communications.

"With WhatsApp and Signal together, you are safe in terms of security and privacy", Wrote Doffman.

Source: The Sun.

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