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SpaceX launches the first Starlink satellite for 1

SpaceX will launch 60 satellites from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida on Wednesday. This will be Starlink's first launch of the new year. If you want to watch it live, you can.

The launch was originally scheduled for Monday, but adverse weather conditions delayed the launch 48 hours later. SpaceX now aims to launch at 5:02 am PT (8:02 am ET) on January 20th.

SpaceX Starlink
SpaceX launches the first Starlink satellite for 1

It will be the 16th launch for Starlink, its satellite designed to help every person on earth to have access in broadband Internet, covering the sky with thousands of small satellites. The launch also aims to set a rocket recovery record. The Falcon 9 rocket that is used on this mission will be the B1051, which has flown seven times in the past. Eventually, the Falcon 9 rocket will land on the drone ship Just Read The Instructions parked in the Atlantic Ocean about 10 minutes after takeoff.

If successful, it would mark the fastest recovery of a Falcon 9. Musk said he would like to raise the number of launches in 2021 and the reuse of the B1051 will could to signal an increasing launch rate.

SpaceX shows it live to the public every time it launches. Live broadcasts start about 15 minutes before the launch, so tune in early.

Source of information: cnet.com


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