HomesecurityResearchers earned $ 50.000 after violating Apple servers!

Researchers earned $ 50.000 after violating Apple servers!

Researchers claim that they were awarded a $ 50.000 reward by Apple for identifying some critical vulnerabilities which gave them access to the servers of the technology giant. Harsh Jaiswal and Rahul Maini, vulnerability hunters based in India and specialize in safety said they discovered the vulnerabilities in recent months, inspired by a group of researchers who in October reported receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars from Apple after discovering 55 vulnerabilities, including those that exposed the source. code, accounts iCloud, warehouse software, and applications employees and customers.

Jaiswal and Maini said their research focused on central computers using a content management system (CMS) supported by Lucee, an open source scripting language designed for web application development.

Researchers won $ 50.000 for violating Apple servers!

According to Security Affairs, the researchers discovered during their analysis, three Apple hosts that exposed Lucee's management panel, including two related to a travel portal provided by Apple to employees. Only valid users can access this portal credentials.

Researchers have discovered a Lucee configuration that gave them unauthorized access to files. In this way, they were able to create a webshell on Apple servers and execute code arbitrarily. In addition, they were able to perform their tests without activating the web application firewall Apple.

Researchers won $ 50.000 for violating Apple servers!

Jaiswal and Maini said Apple decided to give them a $ 50.000 bug bounty after informing them of the vulnerabilities they had identified. They also contacted Lucee developers, who also took some steps to prevent malicious attacks.

The investigators also noted that Apple immediately corrected the reported vulnerabilities, but asked them not to disclose the issue before making any changes.


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