HomesecurityStolen COVID-19 vaccine data was manipulated by hackers

Stolen COVID-19 vaccine data was manipulated by hackers

A few weeks ago, hackers managed to steal information about vaccines for COVID-19, by the European Union Medical Organization and subsequently published in the Internet. However, it was later revealed that the malicious agents manipulated the information in order to spread false news about the vaccines.

COVID-19 hackers

According to the latest information for attack, first revealed last month, the European Medicines Agency (EEA) revealed how hackers had access to confidential internals e-mail from November on vaccine evaluation procedures for COVID-19.

The ongoing investigation into the incident has found that some of the contents of these emails have been tampered with in an attempt to create mistrust and misinformation about vaccines.

"Some of the correspondence has been manipulated by the perpetrators before being published in a way that could undermine confidence in vaccines", Says the statement of EOF.

The perpetrators behind the attack on EOF or why exactly they manipulated the documents to spread misinformation in an effort to undermine confidence in vaccines. Vaccination conspiracy theories about COVID-19 have been a problem for social media and the world at large since the beginning of the pandemic.

An earlier update by EOF revealed that malicious agents, had access to and stolen COVID-19 vaccine data during the December attack. The attackers, who target specific data related to COVID-19 drugs and vaccines, gained access to the body, violating an undisclosed computer application.

"The service continues to fully support the investigation into data breach. "Action is required from the law enforcement authorities", said the statement of EOF. The National Cyber ​​Security Center of the United Kingdom, the Microsoft products and the World Health Organization are among those who have issued warnings about piracy targeting healthcare, medicines, universities and other organizations involved in the development and distribution of COVID-19 vaccines.

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