HomesecurityWentworth golf club hacked: The data of 4000 members is in danger

Wentworth golf club hacked: The data of 4000 members is in danger

One of the most important golf club of England, the Wentworth, informed its 4000 members about a ransomware attack, that may have set in risk personally data their.

Wentworth golf club

The famous private golf club, which they visit celebrities, sports stars and some of the most famous businessmen, sent one e-mail to its members and apologized for an incident security, which allowed the attackers to acquire access the list of club members.

However, according to The Telegraph, some members learned about ransomware attack before the email, when a message appeared on the "Wentworth at Home" page saying "your personal files are encrypted!“. The message was asking for a sum of money in Bitcoin to provide a decryption tool.

According to the data, the ransomware gang did not just encrypt them archives of Wentworth golf club, but also stole some of them, in order to increase the chances of paying the ransom.

The data Most likely include: names, dates of birth, home addresses, email addresses, members' phone numbers, and the last four digits of the bank account numbers.

Ο Neil Coulson, general manager of Wentworth golf club, tried to reassure members by telling them that their accounts do not run risk:

"I fully understand that this will worry you, but we have received advice from experts and we assure you that there is not enough personal information in the file to allow access to your private account and therefore the risk is considered small".

However, it must be emphasized that even if it does not exist access in the account, the information most likely exposed, could be used in other attacks and scams against club members. The risks can be so digital as well as physicists, as criminals may also have home addresses in their hands.

Wentworth golf club members need to be very careful as they may take Phishing emails or messages claiming to be from the club. It would also be good for them to take measures for their personal safety.

Wentworth Golf Club briefs Information Commissioner (ICO) Office on ransomware attack and breach data. The investigation continues.


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