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GitHub apologizes to an employee who fired! What happened;

GitHub has admitted that it was wrong to fire a Jewish official who made "anti-Nazi" comments about the Capitol riots.

On Jan. 6, as riots broke out in the Capitol, the official wrote to Slack "Stay safe, the Nazis are ready," according to TechCrunch.


The Verge reports that some of his colleagues were offended by the discussion on Slack and the discussion between GitHub staff took a bad turn.  

Microsoft-owned GitHub fired the staff two days later, on January 8. The employee was informed by a GitHub HR representative that the reason was "behavior that does not favor its policy" company».

The dismissal of the unnamed employee caused an outcry. While the fired employee was looking for legal advice, the colleagues asked him to know what led to GitHub's decision, with many signing a letter asking for direct answers from the GitHub CEO Nat Friedman.

Then he started indoors control on the subject on Monday 11 January, which ended on 15 January.

On Sunday, GitHub COO Erica Brescia said in a post "an outside researcher is conducting an independent investigation" and found "significant crisis and process errors".

As a result, the head of GitHub's HR department resigned. In addition, GitHub said that the decision to dismiss the employee has been "reversed" and the company is now in talks with the representative of.

"We want to apologize publicly to the employee," GitHub added.

The Capitol riot killed five people and a participant wearing a "Camp Auschwitz" shirt was among those arrested by law enforcement. USA. Other Nazi reports were also recorded at the event.

GitHub's Friedman condemned the Capitol attack as well as "all discriminatory belief systems".

"Workers are free to express their concerns about the Nazis, anti-Semitism, white supremacy or any other form of discrimination or harassment in internal discussions", Says the company. "We expect all employees to be professionals and to follow GitHub's policies on discrimination and harassment. We are, and will continue to be, determined to provide for them employees us and our community a safe, welcoming environment ”.

Source of information: zdnet.com


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