HomesecurityMedical records of railway workers and drivers were leaked

Medical records of railway workers and drivers were leaked

Η UPS and Norfolk Southern examine whether workers' medical records were compromised following the publication of health data of truck drivers and staff at railway stations. THE leakage was the result of an attack ransomware, at a Virginia-based health care provider.

medical records

It is not yet clear how many people from UPS and Norfolk Southern were affected by the attack, as more than 3.000 Taylor Made Diagnostics leaked on January 8th. However FreightWaves found medical records of employees from both companies, along with many related to truck drivers, government agencies USA and defense contractors from December 2020.

"Our employees' data security is a priority for Norfolk Southern and a requirement for our vendors", Said the representative of Norfolk Southern, Jeff DeGraff, at FreightWaves. «Norfolk Southern is looking into the matter but has no further comment at this time. "

The train station, which employs nearly 25.000 people and operates in 22 states, did not say whether it was informed of the data breach.

The data The leaks included comprehensive medical examinations performed by the US Department of Transportation (DOT), as well as drug and alcohol test reports on truck drivers and workers at several companies. It also contained a lot of personal information such as full names, addresses, social security numbers, etc.

In the last year, the health sector has seen a large increase in ransomware attacks against it. The hackers use methods to secure the ransom they demand, as they threaten their victims with publishing the stolen documents.

In December alone, 37 US health care providers they said attacks or unspecified technology incidents that endangered approximately 1,5 million patient medical records.

Taylor Made data leak underlines the add-ons risks faced by transport and logistics companies.

Ο Dave Osiecki, its chairman and CEO Scopelitis Transportation, said truck companies should take steps to ensure that test providers for their drivers keep medical records safe.

Ο Brett Callow, security analyst at security software company Emsisoft, stated that these attacks can make traditional security measures - such as encrypting sensitive data - useless.

«In most cases, attackers effectively invade their victims' systemsSaid Callow.


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