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Google removes Chrome Sync from third-party browsers

Google says it will block the use of Google's private APIs by third-party Chromium web browsers after discovering that they have incorporated and used them even though they are intended for use in Chrome only.

This is because many of the Google APIs included in the Chromium Code are specific to Google Chrome and are not intended to be integrated and used by users of Chromium products.

Google Chrome Sync

"During a recent one control"We found that some Chromium-based third-party browsers were able to integrate Google features such as Chrome sync and Click to Call, which are intended for use only on Google," he said. Jochen Eisinger.

"This meant that a small number of users could sign in to their Google Account and save their personal Chrome forgiveness data, such as bookmarks, not only with Google Chrome, but also with some third-party browsers that rely on Chromium. "

Eisinger did not disclose the names of the browsers that integrated the Chrome Sync feature without authorization, but revealed that the company would restrict third-party Chromium browsers access Chrome private APIs from March 15, 2021.

Removing access to Chrome sync for other Chromium web browsers removes ability integrate the Chrome Sync API to synchronize their user data across all Appliances to which users are logged in to their Google Account.

When Chrome Sync is turned on, sync information is included passwords, historical, open tabs, settings, preferences and, in some cases, even payment information stored in Google Pay.

However, Google reports that users who have access to Google privacy features such as Chrome Sync while using third-party browsers will still have access to access to this synced data locally or to their Google account, depending on their sync settings.

They will also be able to manage their data by going to the "My Google Activity" page, as well as downloading it from the "Google Takeout" page and / or deleting it by going to here..

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