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How to add percentages using Excel

Do you want to add percentages to Excel? There are several ways to do this. In a sense, you could add percentage values ​​or you could look for a way to make a 15% increase in a price. We will take a look at both ways.

How to add percentages together

You can add percentages just like any other number. Select a cell to display it sum of your two percentages. In this example, we will click and highlight cell C3.


At the formula bar, type “= sum” (without quotes), and then click the first result, the sum type, which adds all the numbers in a cell area.

Click cell A3, and then click cell B3 to select both. If you have more cells, you can click to the first and then press Shift + Click on the last to select all the cells in an area.


Once your selected cells are highlighted, press "Enter" on keyboard or press the check mark on the type bar to run the type and to display the sum of percentages you.

How to apply a percentage increase in an Excel cell

If you really want to add a percentage to a number - adding 15% to 200, for example - then the following example is what you are looking for. It is worth noting that you can do the formula in reverse (with a 15% reduction to 200) by changing the “+” symbol to a “-” symbol in the following formula.

Enter your two elements in columns A and B. A, in our example, will be the integer, while B will be our percentage.


Click the empty cell next to your percentage to tell Excel where to go appear the result of the formula.

We will apply a formula that tells Excel to take 15% of 83 (or 12.45) and add it to our original number (83). This will give us the desired result of the 15% increase. You can add him following type in an empty cell or type bar:


Press "Enter" on the keyboard or click on check mark to the left of the formula bar to display the result.


You're ready - these are basic Excel maths. Once you understand the basic concepts of Excel, you will become familiar with simple ones calculations like those in zero time.

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