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Save battery by turning off 5G on iPhone

The new 5G wireless standard, comes with the promise of better speeds and greater ease of data transfer. As time goes on, more and more devices will acquire the capabilities of the new network, or use an operating system Android either iOS.


However, with the new features come some negatives, since the new technology can significantly drain your iPhone's battery, depleting its battery life as fast as network is turned on and you are using the device. See how you can turn off 5G when you don't need it to save more battery.

  • First, open them Settings on your iPhone.
  • In Settings, press ” Mobile ".
  • In unit " Mobile ", Press" Mobile data options ".
  • In unit " Mobile data options ", Press" Voice & Data ".
  • In the " Voice & Data ", Select"LTE”From the list to turn off 5G completely.

Alternatively, you can select “5G AutomaticFrom this list, which will allow iPhone to automatically turn off the network to save battery life when not needed.

After that, exit the Settings. The network is now off on your iPhone.

If you need to turn it on, just go back to Settings> Mobile> Mobile data options> Voice and Data and select "5G Active"Or"5G Automatic. "


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