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Android: How to see which apps have access to your site

It's no secret that smartphone apps have access to many permissions - if you let them. It is important to make sure that the applications do not abuse your privacy rights. Android makes it easy for you to see which apps have access to your site.

Android apps must request permission to access your site. Starting with Android 11, you can even grant apps one-time access to your site. That means you don't have to worry for applications that continue to have access at your location after exiting the application.


No matter how well you can watch them royalties, it is a good idea to check which ones applications can access your site at any time. It is done easily.

First, open the Settings menu on your phone or Android tablet by scrolling down from the top screen (once or twice depending on manufacturer of your device) to open notifications, then press icon with the gear.


Then go to the "Privacy" section.

Select "Permission Manager".

The Permission Manager lists all the different permissions that the applications. There is everything from body sensors to call logs. What we want is "Location".

This screen may look a little different, depending on the version of Android you have and the look of the manufacturer. At the top, you will see the applications that always have access to your site. In unit "Only While In Use”Those that have for once and, finally, you will see the applications that do not have access.


To change the license for an application, simply select it from the list.


You can now change your license preference.


Are you ready! This is an easy way to easily change the permissions of multiple applications at once.

Source of information: howtogeek.com


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