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Canon lets you take pictures from space

Instead of launching new cameras for CES 2021, Canon is doing something different: Allowing you to take pictures from space. The company has introduced an interactive website that allows you to use the CE-SAT-1 satellite, equipped with a slightly modified 5D Mark III DSLR, to take simulated photos of locations such as New York, the Bahamas and Dubai.


Canon launched the small satellite (wine barrel size) in June 2017. It has an EOS 5D Mark III camera equipped with a 3720 mm Cassegrain 40 cm telescope. Canon claims that the satellite will have higher analysis by WorldView-4. It also has PowerShot S110 for wider pictures.

The interactive demo lets you capture images from multiple locations, with each λήψη to show its position and height image. However, it uses pre-recorded pictures, so you do not take live or unique photos. If it were live, the CE-SAT-1 would have to revolve around the Earth with speed about 17.000 miles per hour, making the rounds of the planet in just over half an hour. However, the demo gives you a sense of possibilities and analysis of the satellite.


The experience is narrated by the astronaut Marsha Ivins, which explains the purpose and design of the satellite. Small satellites are much smaller and cheaper than regular satellites, and Canon hopes to build a billion-dollar business dollars around them until 2030.

Source of information: engadget.com


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