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Tesla: It is called to recall cars due to problematic screens

H touch screen (touchscreen) on some cars of Tesla seems to have a problem, which could endanger the lives of drivers. Thus, the company forced to recall the specific models.

In particular, the competent authority for safety National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) asks Tesla to recall a total of 158.000 cars. These are some cars Model S released in 2012 to 2018 and some Model X released in 2016 to 2018. The organization argues that the withdrawal of vehicles is necessary due to problematic touch screens.

Tesla screen

The issue first surfaced in June, when NHTSA has launched an investigation into complaints about problems with touch screens in cars Tesla. Since the video of the reversing camera and other important information is displayed on this touch screen, any malfunction while driving, could set endanger drivers, as it could cause a collision.

On January 13, Tesla received one letter from NHTSA, which explains that the screen problems come from flash memory problems in the Tesla media control unit (MCU). The agency acknowledges that Tesla has implemented "several over-the-air updates in an effort to alleviate some issues", But emphasizes that The updates these are not enough to address issues and the safety of people.

The letter also referred to previous communication between Tesla and NHTSA on the same subject, where Tesla had admitted that all MCUs would definitely have problems one day.

The agency is now asking Tesla to withdraw the vehicles with the problematic touch screens, while the investigation will continue.

Apparently, the Tesla Model 3 is not mentioned in the letter, although a possible problem in screen its could be very dangerous. Unlike the Model S and Model X, which have a second screen in front of the driver, which continues to display basic information even if the main touch screen is damaged, the Model 3 presents everything data on a single touch screen.

Source: Mashable


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