HomesecurityGoogle: Removed 164 apps that featured out-of-context ads

Google: Removed 164 apps that featured out-of-context ads

Η Google has removed 164 Android applications from the official Play Store, after researchers security found that the specific apps bombarded users with out-of-context ads.

The out-of-context or else out-of-app Ads is a relatively new term used to describe ads in mobile devices Appliances, displayed in a pop up window or in full screen, separately from the original application.

So the company decided to remove the apps because these types of ads have been banned from the Play Store since February 2020. Google had found that these ads made it impossible for users identify the application from which the ad originated, "opening the door" for possible spam.

When it banned out-of-context ads, Google also removed 600 Android apps from the Play Store. However, there are still developers who create such apps and try to pass them on to the official app store of the company.

In June and October 2020, Google was forced to intervene again and ban 38 and then others 240 applications, which continued to bombard them users with out-of-context ads.


The above two groups of applications were discovered by White Ops, a company security dealing with bot and ad crawling.

However, White Ops said that recently discovered another set of applications featuring out-of-context ads, and that according to experts managed to avoid detection for more than two years (more than other applications removed in the past).

It is said that most of these 164 applications imitated other popular apps, copying both their features and their names. This technique was, of course, aimed at attract as many as possible users.

According to White Ops, the applications settled in more than 10 million Appliances, before being discovered and reported to the team security of Google.

out-of-context ads

The names of 164 Android applications removed from the Google Play Store can be found at White Ops report.

According to his rules Play Store, The applications have been removed from the store and have been turned off on the devices of users. However, users will have to delete them themselves from the phones to get rid of completely.

Source: ZDNet

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