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The 5 best secure alternatives for WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the most popular platforms messaging, but it is certainly not accepted by everyone. Especially after its last announcement on the privacy policy, which will allow the application to share data with the Facebook, many users started to leave it. Here are some alternatives that you may find useful.



As for WhatsApp alternatives, the Signal located on the front line. Its popularity is largely due to the company's attitude towards the privacy of its users. It is an encrypted one application, which offers the same features as WhatsApp.


The Telegram has been described as the best alternative to WhatsApp for a long time, as it does not share user data with anyone, including the authorities. The messaging service lets you create groups of up to 200.000 users and share up to 2 GB of free files.


Discord started as a gaming chat platform, but has evolved into something much more. It is now considered an alternative to both Slack as well as for WhatsApp, depending on the needs of each user.


Keybase started as a basic directory of private and public authentication keys, but also has an encrypted messaging feature. The messaging feature can be used for private messages, groups and groups.


Threema takes her safety very seriously. Although it is a paid application, the amount is only $ 2,99 (€ 2,46) one time and in return, you receive edge to edge encryption for all the data that passes through the messaging service. This includes messages, video calls, files, and even status updates. The company allows you to chat anonymously and you do not need to link a phone number or email to your account (optional).


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