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The "New Pokémon Snap" is coming to the Nintendo Switch on April 30

Pokémon photographers better prepare, as "New Pokémon Snap" comes to the Nintendo Switch on April 30th. The release date was revealed on Thursday, along with a trailer showing the Lental region of the game.

In New Pokémon Snap, players control a pokémon photographer crossing the Lental, an area full of beautiful scenery from lush jungles to sandy beaches. Players cooperate with the local expert, Professor Mirror and Rita's assistant to conduct ecological research, photographing and observing the pokémon in their natural state environment.

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The game remains similar to its predecessor, in which players travel by self-driving vehicle, while visiting various locations in the area, pulling photos to make their "Photodex". Points are awarded based on the quality of the photos taken by the players, and as in the original game, players can use objects like apples to attract the pokémon closer to them for one better download.

It has been 21 years since the original Pokemon Snap was released on the N64 and the sequel is coming to its 25th anniversary franchise. Yesterday, the Pokémon Company International he said that he will start a series of music events to celebrate her anniversary her.

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