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The scientists analyzed the DNA of the anthropolytics

According to new research published today in Nature, scientists have finally been able to analyze the DNA of anthropolytics - the creatures that became famous from the Game of Thrones and disappeared about 13.000 years ago - and what they found may surprise you.

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First of all, yes, invertebrates were real. Anthropolytics disappeared 13.000 years ago, and for a long time time researchers believed that Canis dirus was a fraternal species of gray wolf. The research that published today, however, he says that is not the case. After analyzing the DNA of five fossilized remains, a team of 49 researchers found that invertebrates were "separated" from other wolves more than 6 million years ago. Scientists have discovered that they were so different from other species of wolves and did not they could nor to reproduce between them.

According to Angela Perri, an archaeologist at Durham University and head of research, these are much more information than they had gathered in the past. The information on anthrolocytes were limited to the size, shape of their bones and teeth. "We found out that the history of anthropolytics we thought we knew - especially a close relationship with them gray wolves "It is actually much more complicated," she said in a statement.

What the researchers found was that, instead of being just a species of gray wolf, reality very separate DNA. According to co-lead author of the study Kieren Mitchell, “everything data show us that the anthropolytic is the last survivor member of an ancient genealogy different from all live canines».

This uniqueness may be the reason for their disappearance. Gray wolves and coyotes have survived since his time Late Pleistocene, and researchers believe this is the result of their greater environmental or nutritional flexibility. Or they may have survived because they were able to "hybridize to other canines".

Source of information: wired.com

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