HomesecurityLedger: The company discovered a new breach

Ledger: The company discovered a new breach

As announced by Ledger, 20.000 new customer files have been leaked due to breach and are now circulating on Internet.

Ledger breach

According to Ledger, she did not know about the 20.000 additional files until they were released by Shopify on December 23.

Η Shopify said that "members of its support team received customer transaction records, including those of Ledger. Agents illegally exported customer transaction records in April and June 2020.»

With this latest discovery, the total amount of Ledger customer records that has fallen into their hands malicious agents now reaches 292.000.

This is not the first time Ledger has fallen out of favor with one another security breach. In July 2020, it was revealed that the company had fallen victim attack, which resulted in the theft of 1 million customer email addresses and other identities. At the time, Ledger believed that only 9.500 of its customers had been affected. The information that was leaked at that time included the email addresses as well as the name and surname of the customers, the mailing address, the phone number and information about products that they had ordered. However, in December 2020, it was revealed that 272.000 names, postal addresses and telephone numbers were stolen during the data breach.

The company found out when some of these files were published in RaidForums, a market for the sale and sharing of compromised information.

Ever since the initial breach occurred and have been published data customers on RaidForums, Ledger customers have fallen victim to cyber-attacks (Phishing) and have received threatening messages from hackers by phone and email.

The breach of security has shaken Ledger's customers' trust in the company, as it has been shown that it is very easy to steal their information. In addition, the company has not properly dealt with the breach, nor the damage it has caused to its customers.

Those who have one hard wallet of Ledger, must be on the lookout for attacks.

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