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Home security Healthcare: 51% increase in web app attacks!

Healthcare: 51% increase in web app attacks!

The healthcare sector faced many challenges in 2020, in view of its pandemic COVID-19. Among these were web app attacks. Web app attacks targeting the healthcare sector increased in December 2020, the period in which the distribution of the first vaccines COVID-19, according to new data Imperva. The company said attacks on the healthcare sector increased by 51% last month compared to November.

Four types of attacks increased the most: a) cross-site scripting (XSS) scans increased by 43%, b) SQL injection attacks increased by 44%, c) protocol manipulation attacks increased by 76% and d) remote implementation code / remote file inclusion scans increased by 68%.

Healthcare: 51% increase in web app attacks!

Imperva Senior Vice President Terry Ray said it was an "unprecedented year" of cyber activity, with global health organizations (HCOs) receiving an average of 187 million attacks a month. This equates to almost 500 attacks per HCO each month - a 10% increase from year to year.

According to Infosecurity Magazine, the USA, Brazil, the United Kingdom and Canada were the top countries targeted by hackers within 2020.

Like organizations in many fields, HCOs seek digital transformation in an effort to survive and adapt to extremely challenging challenges. However, their dependence on third-party applications to save time and money may also have exposed them. In particular, Ray emphasized the following:

Healthcare: 51% increase in web app attacks!

"While the applications third parties have some advantages over businesses, there are risks, including the following: repair only on the seller's schedule, well-known exploits that are widely published and continuous zero-day research on widely used tools and third party APIs. Dependence on JavaScript APIs and third-party applications creates a landscape of more complex, automated, and opportunistic cyber security threats that are becoming increasingly demanding. And while the ransomware "Gangs usually attack current healthcare organizations, the vulnerable front-end application to all healthcare data is the one that experiences the variety and volume of daily attacks listed above."

Ray also warned that organizations could face many challenges in 2021, as the impact of the December attacks begins to become clear. The focus of HCOs in 2020 on supporting remote work and tackling the increase in COVID-19 patients means that less time may have been devoted to dealing with malicious cases.

It is noteworthy that in the first three days of 2021, Imperva observed an increase of 43% in data leakage.


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