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NASA: You will have a rare opportunity to see the planet Uranus

The planet Uranus is usually faint and not visible from Earth, but the moon and Mars will help you see it on January 20th. NASA has published some tips that you can follow to be able to see it.

NASA Planet Sky

Uranus is not known as one of the brightest planets as it is very far from Earth. The giant icy planet has a wonderful blue color and has one complex system from rings.

While the brightest planets like Mars and Mars often catch our eye in the night sky Jupiter, on January 20 will give us a opportunity to locate Heaven.

You'll need binoculars ή telescope to be able to him locate, but NASA says January 20 represents an "easy opportunity" to see him.

In the video below you can see the planet-finding tips published by NASA.

Wait for the sun to rise and then look for the crescent a few hours after dark. From moon, look up and find Mars, which has a reddish-orange glow. "Scan with your own eyes the path from Mars to moon and you should be able to find the faint, blue, icy Sky, ”says NASA.

But you should be grateful that you are not close to the planet as it has been proven that the planet smells like a rotten egg. This is due to the chemical component hydrogen sulfide which was found in its clouds atmosphere of the planet. This ingredient is also present in spoiled eggs.

We are sure that the image of the planet Uranus will be extremely impressive for those who manage to see it.

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